Intuitive Reiki

1-day workshop

with Reiki Master Torsten A. Lange

designed mainly for Reiki 2 practitioners and Reiki Masters,

but also open to dedicated Reiki 1 students

Intuitive Reiki

Amazing tools and techniques for the professional Reiki practice

We will explore a variety of original Japanese techniques to develop the intuitive use of Reiki and look into more aspects of giving professional treatments.

The very practical workshop is designed to give practitioners more confidence in offering treatments to others.

Many interactive exercises will deepen the trust in Reiki.

A day of amazing experiences – paired with fun and laughter and mingling with lovely like-minded people.

Topics and exercises will include: 

  • Reiji Ho (Guided-by-spirit Method)

  • Byosan Reikan Ho (Body and Aura Scanning)

  • Byogen Chiryo Ho (Finding the root of a problem)

  • Gyoshi Ho (Sending reiki with the eyes)

  • Koki Ho (Sending Reiki with the breath)

  • Guided meditation to connect with your Reiki spirit guide

  • How to give treatments to clients with chronic, severe, or terminal illnesses

  • Dealing with clients with psychological problems, anxiety, or traumas

  • How to interpret and accept results

  • New techniques to deepen your personal spiritual practice with Reiki

As always, we recommend to refrain from the intake of alcohol for a few days before the workshop, and to spend a quiet evening the night before.

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