R E I K I    A C A D E M Y    L O N D O N


R  A  L


Reiki Master Day



Sat, 27 November 2021

10 am - 5 pm


Barnes Green Centre


Fee: £ 75


The world needs you more than ever!


Join Torsten and Reiki Masters from 15 (!) Reiki Academy Master Courses...


Over 300 people trained at the Reiki Academy for the Master Level so far, and it really is the start of a deep journey. The groups that come together for this are so wonderful and supportive, but when we are home we tend to realise that this is essentially a very personal journey - and life continues posing its challenges.


This uplifting workshop is therefore designed to reinforce the momentum and support, meet old and new Reiki Master friends, and explore Reiki in even deeper ways.

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The day will include:

  • New and amazingly advanced Reiki Master exercises

  • An exploration of the incredible new channellings of the Reiki Revolution

  • How the entire universe is centered around Dai Komyo - the great bright light

  • Powerful exercises with the Master Symbol

  • Life-changing new techniques for your personal practice

  • The idea of re-incarnation in relation to our life path of becoming a Reiki Master

  • Review and practice of Attunements

  • Receiving support from other Reiki Masters


  • and:

  • Learn ahow Reiki will become even more relevant after Covid and is due to turn into a major global force



  • Many topics are particularly designed to help you expand if you are teaching already


There are no specific Covid restrictions  -

but please only attend if you are free of any potentially Covid-related symptoms.

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Pictures from the last two

Master Courses in London

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