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Torsten Alexander Lange, Reiki Master/ Teacher

Director of The Reiki Academy London

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Master/ Teacher Course

Reiki Shares

17 - 21 September 2018

- few places left!


Holland House, Cotswolds

What students say

"Thank you for such an amazing weekend... Your teaching and wealth of knowledge is both fascinating and inspiring..."

Jude, Surrey

A 2-day course that lies the foundation of Reiki. To use Reiki for yourself, and give treatments to family and friends.

Reiki 1 Course

Reiki 2 Course

A 2-day course that introduces the Reiki symbols and greatly intensifies the experience of Reiki. Practitioner level.



Torsten + The Team of the Reiki Academy

In our courses we teach a combination of both main Reiki lineages, the Western and the Japanese traditions. As one focusses more on hands-on healing, the other on meditation and personal spiritual development, they are two sides of the same coin. We feel that only the two combined can properly reveal the full depth of the Usui System of Reiki.

At the Reiki Academy, the study of the system of Reiki is still ongoing, and we strive to teach the most authentic and historically accurate Reiki possible.

Yet, the main emphasis lies on practical experience - and it is my sincerest wish that every student will find their confidence in the amazing power of Reiki, and witness its life changing potential.

Reiki is surprisingly easy to learn, and I am absolutely

confident that everyone joining a course will feel the flow

of Reiki energy afterwards. 

Warmest regards,

Open to Reiki Academy students of all levels. No booking necessary. Please check for dates above

Suggested contribution: £ 8

All courses, workshops and Reiki Shares (except Master Course) are held in SW London at the beautiful and tranquil

The Reiki Academy

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Reiki 1 Course (2 places left)


Reiki 2 Course (1 place left)


Reiki 1 Course


Prof. Reiki Workshop


Reiki Master Course


Reiki Share


ReikiScience Course (full)


Reiki 1 Course

25/26 Aug


1/2 Sep


8/9 Sep


15 Sep


17-21 Sep


23 Sep


29/30 Sep


13/14 Oct

Pure Reiki

At the Reiki Academy it is our aim to teach Reiki as authentic as possible.

We teach a combination of both classic traditions, the Western as well as the Japanese.

Often referred to as an Energy Healing System, Reiki is in fact much more:

A spiritual path of life, healing on more levels than just the physical. Find out more:


Sunday mornings from 10 am - 12 noon, and Thurdays from 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm

Includes a guided meditation, short inspirational talk, and the actual Reiki Share, where each participant receives Reiki from more than one practicioner at the same time. An amazing experience!

Barnes Green Centre 5


As many students travel from outside London (and quite a few from the abroad) we have now put together a list of recommendations of B&Bs in walking distance of the venue.


Barnes Green Centre

Reiki Share

"It really tells the reader every necessary and important information in a very clear, absorbable and friendly way. I guess this book will contribute a great deal to make Reiki even more popular among the public."                     Klaudia, London




We offer a Professional Reiki Practitioner Membership to Reiki Academy students who completed Reiki 2 live in London...


Our Reiki Diploma Course 

is accredited by

UK Reiki Federation.


On successful completion, you will be able to register with the CNHC

(Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)


All our courses comply with the Core Curriculum for Reiki teaching and the National Occupational Standards.

Intuitive Reiki

next date tbc


Exploring a variety of original Japanese techniques to develop the intuitive use of Reiki

How to Build a Really Successful Reiki Practice

15 September 2018


Amazing tools and techniques for the professional Reiki practice -

become more confident and competent as a Reiki Practitioner!

Exploring Past Lives

20 October 2018

Discover Past Live Regression for yourself



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For those unable to join our live courses in London we can now offer a comprehensive alternative:

This complete Reiki Practitioner

training includes Reiki 1 and 2

and students receive personal

distant attunements.

Reiki Online

Reiki Online Course

Torsten Profile

The World's First

Scientific Proof of Reiki

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Certified Practitioner


Take Your Healing To The Next Level

29/30 September 2018


(fully booked  - more date tbc)